Though in early 70s few of the surgeons in Pune started meeting informally in the form of a journal Club. The actual concept of formation of a society of surgeons belongs to Dr. M. Y. Bapaye.
He under the guidance of Dr. M. J. Joshi and with the help of few dedicated colleagues started the forum of Poona Surgical Society in 1975. Dr. K. C. Gharpure was the founder president of the society.
The Society grew steadily in initial days. Turning point came when Dr. M. J. Joshi thought it was right time for holding a meeting of surgeons from across Maharashtra. Thus with his blessing & coordinated work by Dr. M. Y. Bapaye and his team the meeting was held in Pune. The gathering was a great success attended by many renowned surgeons across Maharashtra. Thus came into existence the first MASICON in 1979.
PSS is the first city chapter in the country to be recognized by ASI.
Later in 1992 the society was formally registered and a trust was formed with Dr. M. J. Joshi, Dr. M. Y. Bapaye, Dr. S. M. Karnik, Dr. V. S. Patil, Dr. R. S. Dumbare, & Dr. S. N. Pungalia are being the founding trusties.
PSS has successfully organized MASICON four times and ASICON
For the last forty years the PSS has evolved into a significant platform for the surgical community in Pune and has grown in strength.